The Smart Washer is SCT’s flagship sensor node for the local and remote monitoring of a bolted joint. A joint’s clamp force is monitored, as well as temperature and device orientation. Used with a Smart Reader, parameters can be viewed in near-real-time, which is ideal for installation or onsite maintenance activities.

With a Smart Access Point, the Smart Washer’s data can be transmitted to the Smart Cloud or other remote monitoring system to allow remote condition monitoring of the asset’s health.



  • Embedded proprietary clamp force technology (lower power, cheaper and thinner than traditional load-based instruments)
  • Integrated high precision inclinometer
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Extreme low-power operation with 10-year battery life
  • Far-field and Bluetooth Low Energy radios to support both local and remote condition monitoring
  • On-board LED indicators for simple indication of joint ‘health’
  • Rugged design: waterproof (IP67), impact tested (IK07), salt spray tested


Application areas

The Smart Washer can be used to monitor safety-critical fastenings in multiple applications, including:

  • Rail—stretcher bars, slab track, overhead line equipment etc
  • Oil & gas—flanges, valve glands etc
  • Other—escalators, lifts, wind turbines

Smart Washer

Smart Washer Smart Washer Smart Washer